Park rules and etiquette
It’s the boring bit but a huge part of the pleasure of caravanning and camping is enjoying the environment around us and being respectful of other individuals using the park and facilities. To ensure all users have a positive experience, please abide by the Pickaquoy Campsite rules and etiquette. Failure to do so may result in being excluded from using the park and its facilities.

Terms and Conditions
Please download the following Terms & Conditions and ensure that you read this accurately prior to visiting:

Orkney Caravan Park Terms and Conditions
Camping Pods Terms and Conditions

Children’s Play Area
The children’s outdoor play area is adjacent to the site. This includes a multi play area for basketball and football, and some great climbing frames. You can access the play area directly from the campsite.

Useful Contact Information
If you require any further information about the Caravan and Camping Park, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Telephone: Customer Service Team on 01856 879900

If you are looking for further information on Orkney or need some assistance with holiday plans, please visit the Getting to Orkney page.